System notifications from Mono

Sometime ago, I published a small post about the notify-send command, which lets you show a notification balloon with a custom message using the notification daemon (which uses DBus and is accessed through libnotify), this is handy for notifying the user of an event in a non-intrusive way (he/she doesn’t need to click it to make it disappear). Several Gnome programs such as Epiphany (for showing an incoming message), Evolution (new email notification), etc. use it, but what if you’re willing to use it inside a Mono application you’re writing yourself? One way would be to execute the notify-send command from within your application, but there is a nicer way: libnotify-sharp. This is a library that encapsulates the necessary bindings to libnotify so that it can be used within Mono/C# applications. In Ubuntu 10.04, all we need to be able to use it is to install the libnotify-cil-dev package, then add a reference to notify-sharp:

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Humble Indie Bundle 3: Pay what you want for 7 or 12 awesome multiplatform games!

Humble Indie Bundle 3

Little more than three days is left for the Humble Indie Bundle 3, a GREAT offer to acquire seven great multiplatform games (they work on Windows, Mac and Linux!). This is a GREAT offer because you put the price, you pay WHAT YOU WANT for all of these awesome games! Part of your purchase goes to developers and part to charity foundations (EFF and Chil’d Play) and you decide how it is divided. Besides, you can install the games whatever times you may like since all of the games are DRM free! You can redeem them on Steam and Desura even.

But if it is not enough to convince you, if you pay $6 or more, you get five more games that were part of the Humble Indie Bundle 2!

I’ve already made my purchase, what are you waiting for? Go to and enjoy!

Allegro 5 released!

On February 6th, the first stable release of Allegro 5 has been made available, it’s been a long time since the last time I used Allegro, but I’m really excited about this new version, I hope it can compete again in the multimedia libraries world :).
You can download it and get more information at

I’m really willing to try this new version, what about you? What is your favorite library among SDL, SFML and Allegro?

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

I wish 2011 brings you the best for you and your loved ones , I hope you can fullfill all of your projects and plans. And remember, sharing is fun, so go and enjoy with your family and friends :).

Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! See you in 2011!

If you can read Spanish, here you have the instructions on How to Make a Christmas Tree 🙂

How to make a Christmas tree

Killing mosquitoes with laser

The Intellectual Ventures company has just published a video showing a mosquito killed by a laser, one of their proposals to fight malaria. The video looks really interesting, the only thing that makes me worry is the possible misuses it could have.

Watch the video:

On Youtube:

Cafe World Test Dish

Today, while cooking some cheese hamburgers in Cafe World (Facebook game), instead of one of the burgers I got a dish titled “Test Dish”, I thought I had made a mistake while selecting the dish from the menu, but it was not there. I made a quick web search and found some other people who found this test dish too, but couldn’t find precise information whether it is a bug or an easter egg from the programmers.

This is a screenshot showing this “Test Dish” inside the game:

Have you found it? Do you know why it appears?

Babelfish -> Google Translator -> Word Reference

Every now and then, when I’m reading documents written in English, I find some words I don’t know. And sometimes, when I’m writting in English, I’d like to have a synonym and I make use of an online English<->Spanish translator (I don’t have any translator program installed). I’ve used Babelfish a lot, until I got “weird results” with some known words. I tried these words: draw, wide and draw on.

These were the results at Babelfish:
draw -> drenaje
wide -> de par en par
draw on -> drenaje encendido (well, you could expect this one :P).

Using Google Translator:
draw -> dibujar
wide -> ancho
draw on -> aprovechar

Definitely, I won’t be using Babelfish anymore.
Another one I consider a very good option for translations is, you can find full definitions with several alternatives, just like a real dictionary, recommended :).